What We Offer

We offer educational institutions the opportunity to have their own subdomains in order to access PHYDICS contents. By this way, only the instructors and students of the institute will have the chance to access unique contents of PHYDICS, with their private credentials.

PHYDICS subdomains can be managed by administrators assigned by institutions, and all possible operations can be conducted by them. PHYDICS administrator area will provide your staff with all facilities.

PHYDICS Worldwide

since its first publication, PHYDICS has achieved a great succes all around the world

One of the first applications accepted to the prestigious Google Play for Education program

Demanded by Samsung for its store
Samsung Galaxy Apps for Professionals

Accepted by Sahara for its educational app store
Clevertouch Cleverstore

Included in EBA platform of Ministry of NE in Turkey, reaching out about 18 million students


PHYDICS includes about 100 different contents in 9 main topics

Electricity and Magnetism Physics

Energy Physics

Force and Motion Physics

Fundamental Concepts of Physics

Heat and Temperature Physics

Matter Physics

Optics Physics

Pressure and Buoyancy Physics

Waves Physics


choose the plan suitable for your needs

0 - 100
1000 $ / Year
100 - 250
2.000 $ / Year
Price per User

PHYDICS in Action

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